Downing College Christian Union

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In College: 


Prayer is a central part of what we do as a CU. Primarily our aim is to serve Christ in college and in doing that communicating with God is essential! Our weekly prayer breakfast is a chance to come together before God, to thank him for all that he has given us, and to pray for each other, Downing College, CICCU, and the world~ 
We meet for prayer and breakfast on Friday mornings at 8:10 am in S Staircase TV room. 

College Group Meetings

College group meetings can take various forms over the course of the term. Last year, we ran an open discussion forum called Share which focused on several topics over the course of a few weeks. We also had several Bible studies on passages in John which are open for anyone in the college to attend especially if you're curious about what Christians believe. There will also be several socials and some informal worship over the course of the term. In general meetings tend to be on Monday nights in the TV Room or in the JCR. Please contact us if you want to receive updates or get involved! 

University Wide: 

Central Meetings

Downing College is part of something bigger! The groups in all of the colleges meet once a week on Saturday evenings 7:30-8:45pm at Eden Baptist to worship and pray together. See the CICCU term card for a list of events. 

Big Questions 

Every week, the CU puts on lunchtime talks investigating central issues and questions regarding Christianity. Past topics have included:
'Fake News: Do We Need Truth?' 
'Resurrection: Hoax or History?' 
'Miracles: Too Good to be True?' 
Each talk is followed by an open Q&A and a discussion time. Free lunch provided.
The talks are hosted at St. Andrew the Great Church from 1:10-1:50 pm every Friday.

Recordings of past talks can be accessed here. (Tip: they make for good listening/watching on long bus/train journeys or if you're eating lunch alone in your room).


The university-wide CU meets to pray on Monday and Thursday mornings. More information can be found here.