Downing College Christian Union

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About Us

What we believe

We believe that we were created to be in a perfect relationship with God who is loving, just, forgiving and perfect. Yet, we all choose to do things our own way, rebelling and turning away from God.

However, despite this, God loves us so much he provided an answer. We believe that God became human in the form of his son, Jesus, in order to bridge the gap that we could never hope to bridge. Jesus lived a sinless, perfect life but was killed on the cross for our sakes. This is grace - our undeserved gift from God. If we believe and trust Jesus, through His self-sacrifice alone we have the opportunity to be in a true relationship with him. That is why we believe a man who lived over two thousand years ago is the most important thing we could share with others today.

Everything we do as a college group is centered around sharing this news with the people around us. Each of the people in our group is living a life that has been transformed by Christ's sacrifice as each of us now aims to know God better and to live our lives in a way that is shaped by gratitude for the grace we've received. Christ's gift of grace and rescue is for everyone and sharing that news is what we're all about! If you have any questions, want to know more, or if you want to get involved, please drop us a message!