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College Group Reps

Rachel Cummings

Hi, I’m Rachel, one of the Downing CU Reps for 2016/17! I’m a second year Historian and I’m from Edinburgh. I also love dancing and dance on the University Dancesport Team. Cambridge has a really lively and welcoming Christian community and I have found that through CU, both in college and across the university, I have had so much fun and made so many friends while also being able to reach out to those around me. If you’re a Christian or perhaps just have an interest in what Christians believe - if you’re a Fresher joining us in 2016, or even if you have been around for a while - please please don’t be shy! We’d love to hear from you! Our whole college group are fantastic and really friendly.

[email protected]

Luke Baxter

Hey, I’m Luke, a second year CompSci and I’ll be one of the college CU reps this year. I go to a local church called Eden Baptist Church and love it, I also play Ultimate Frisbee and like messing about/ playing with computers. Our weekly college meeting is a great way to learn more about God and meet people with a similar interest in Christ. We also host loads of other events helping people to grow in their faith and confidence with reaching their friends around them. If you’re interested in getting involved with the CU, just want to find out more, or have any other questions then it would be great to hear from you. Just drop us an email!

[email protected]

Sam Charlwood
Hi, I’m Sam, I am a Second year Engineer from West Sussex and a member of CICCU’s iTeam! As daunting as it felt during freshers week I have really enjoyed my first year at Cambridge and have loved being a part of both Downing CU and CICCU. In my spare time i enjoy training with the university Athletics club and playing Table Tennis occasionally. If you are an international fresher joining in 2016 I should be around for international freshers week and would love to help in any way that I can, so do make yourself known to me if you have any questions, problems or just want a chat!

[email protected]